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First things first: Our firm represents insurance policyholders only. We do not represent insurance companies. Many firms cannot make that same claim. Let Roselli & Associates represent you.

Condominium associations carry insurance (called, condominium, habitational or apartment insurance) to provide coverage for the buildings and grounds on their property. Coverage includes a property damage clause for instances where a building sustains losses caused by wind, water, hurricane, tropical storms, tornadoes, or fire.

The attorneys at Roselli & Associates have extensive experience in guiding condominium associations through the insurance claims process. They know Florida law and are best equipped to make sure that claims are filed in a way in which they achieve maximum recovery. Further, Roselli & Associates lawyers are fully prepared to file actions for declaratory relief or breach of contract when insurance claims have been wrongfully denied.

Condominium association insurance policies can be difficult to read and interpret. Let us assist you in understanding your insurance documents including:

  • Policy coverage
  • Policy benefits
  • Limitations and/or exclusions
  • Defense and indemnification in the event of a claim

The claim information you present to your insurance company and your recovery strategy are crucial to your settlement.

Let us review your damage and asses the best way to proceed with your claim. Complete the short form on this page to get started.