Year after year, Roselli & Associates, P.A., and Robert M. Roselli have obtained substantial recoveries for our clients. Many of our successes have been featured in well known legal publications such as Jury Verdict Review & Analysis and Jury Trials & Tribulations.

Our recipe for success is simple; Commitment, Resources, Experience and Results.

Commitment to the Pursuit of Justice is the cornerstone of our firm's Mission and is the foundation of our firm's reputation and success. Whether the case involves orthopedic injuries from a motor vehicle accident or complex litigation involving catastrophic injuries from a defective or dangerous product, we are committed to providing each client the level of vigorous representation they deserve to see to it that they are fairly and adequately compensated, because Justice Matters.

Resources are critical to the successful representation of our clients. Our resources include talented and committed attorneys, paralegals, claims adjusters and staff – all of whom are devoted to providing the professional care and attention necessary to meet each client's individual needs. We also believe that a large part of our success in litigation is due to our ability to hire top consultants and expert witnesses. We recognize that corporations and insurance companies are prepared to enlist countless experts to avoid their obligation to fully and fairly compensate injury victims and their families. In turn, our firm is prepared and able to hire top experts to investigate the critical issues involved and provide solid support to prove the issues necessary to win.

Experience from over twenty years of fighting for out clients and the justice they deserve has resulted in the successful conclusion of countless claims and lawsuits. Over the years, Robert M. Roselli has built a solid record of achieving maximum recoveries for our clients. Utilizing the skills crafted by experience, cases are thoroughly researched, investigated and prepared for trial. With a reputation for being willing and capable of going to trial in a case, the defendants and insurance companies we oppose realize that they must fairly and adequately compensate our clients.

Results that improve the life of our clients and reflect the justice they deserve is the culmination of our commitment and experience.

Driven by an unyielding pursuit of justice on behalf of each client and to obtain compensation commensurate with the injuries suffered, we do whatever is necessary in each case we handle. This aggressive stance has led to impressive recoveries for our clients that have truly made a difference in their lives.

Robert M. Roselli also recognizes that giving back to his community is of the highest importance.